• Joanne Thompson

Mental health awareness week

How does your skin affect your mental health?

this is a very big issue for many people, when We first mention It people think I only mean people with acne. This isn’t the only condition that makes people uncomfortable within their own skin.

skin is the largest organ in the human body So treat it like you treat your heart. Everything effects your skin inside and outside.

my best advice is to come along to your skincare professional or go onto my website and fill out an online consultation. The consultation is a great way to get to know what’s going on inside and outside. This helps me treat you on a 360 approach. I look at all skin conditions and if it’s something I can not help with I will advice you where to go for help.

please don’t let your condition get you down, please give me a call and I will help.

love Joanne 💓


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