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Mental health awareness week

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

How are you?

that is a general question, but sometimes that’s all it takes. It’s nice to know that someone is there. I feel I am good at reading people’s emotions, by their eyes or their posture. but I have worked one to one for over 20 years.

don’t be frightened to tell people how hard you are finding it, most people have felt the same at some point.

please take the time to read over some of my old posts as they generally hit on something relating to mental health

each night this week I am going to do a wee blog on different things that can help

tonight take ten minutes to meditate

Insight timer app has some good meditations, one to try tonight

download the app

click on guided

click on meditate

click ten minute of mindfulness


try mindful showering (this is my favourite)

once in the shower let the water flow over your head, being thankful for the day you have had (naming each thing)

then let the water wash away any negativity (picturing it going down the drain, through the pipes and away out to see)

set your intentions for tomorrow saying them out loud to the universe

then take the time to mindfully wash, what I mean by this is to take each area wash it with your nicest shower gel and only think about cleansing that area.

let me know if you try any of my suggestions and if they help

love Joanne 💓💓

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