• Joanne Thompson

How is Covid 19 effecting you?..

The million dollar question, with so many answer, we keep hearing ”we are all in the same boat” I don’t agree, we are all so different, different home lives, with different money issues and different health conditions.

each week i have had at least one melt down, but last week the melt down lasted all week. I achieved nothing, I couldn’t motivate myself to do anything, those who know me I am pretty good at giving myself a kick in the ...

then on Saturday i was messaging a friend from Ireland, who had just found out she can’t reopen till the end off July. When typing everything I had achieved from closing made me realise I had achieved loads, which lifted me.

i also realised how much list help me, so tonight I am going to write my todo list for tomorrow. One of the things I want to do is give you a lot more content, i always plan content and even write it in my note pad and never post it. So please from tonight if I haven’t wrote a blog or done a vlog each week, give me a call and tell me off.

I would appreciate if you sent me what you would like to see me cover.

i welcome you to join me in writing down tonight what you want to achieve before bed tomorrow.

tomorrow I want to have posted a you tube video on how to maintain your brows in lockdown

miss you all loads



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