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How does stress effect you?

Stress is a huge subject.

Today I am going to talk about how emotional stress effects me.

I normally don’t realise the following things have happened until I start seeing the physical effects,

🤔 I sit for long periods of time replaying everything,

🍏I stop shopping for food, so I order takeaways,

🍸I stop drinking water

😕 I stop taking my vitamins

😩 i Stop my main skin routine

you can can get the impression. So not only do I stop looking after myself but I have the negative thoughts and stress hormones being released.

My food choices chance my mood.

My skin then becomes, dehydrate, dry and red blotches.

How can I stop this from happening?

Now that I know, and can recognise the signs that’s a good start. Being mindful and guided meditation, help me to see these signs.

Instead of sitting, going for a long walks helps me.

Talking to someone or Writing it down.

there is help out there, it’s recognising you need help, knowing your body (being body mindful) is the best way I think about recognising it.

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