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Vitamin D and SPF (Sun Protection Factor)

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Lately I have been following many scientists about Covid 19 and one thing that keeps coming up is lack of vitamin D. I blame lack of Vit D on everything, well its a reason to go on holiday lol. We can take Vit D supplements or make it through the sunlight. As we don't get enough sunlight in the winter it is recommended that we supplement it during the winter months.

What is Vitamin D help with?

Lots of things, some of which is mood and immune system. This is why scientists are talking about it at the minute. The most common recommendations that has been coming from all these scientists is to go outside for maximum 20minutes before applying SPF, can I add at this stage that having optimum Vit D levels will help with your skins natural sun protection.

When it becomes to SPF that's a big conversation, with lots of different theories, but this is mine. Over the years I have used many different levels and types of sunscreens, having different results from them all. I am very fair, freckled skin. From working with environ and studying more on SPF I have changed my opinion.

SPF 15 Protects around 93%

SPF 30 Protects around 97%

there is a very small percentage of difference for the amount of chemicals that is generally added to get past factor 20

ensure your SPF is broad spectrum this means it protects against UVA and UVB, lots of cosmetic brands don't have broad spectrum sunblock's within them.

Environ is a Vitamin A based skin brand and within the moisturiser I use has retinyl palmitate as one of it Vit A derivatives this also helps your natural skins sun protection. I also take vit A and Vit C suplemnets which helps with natural skin sun protection.

You need to consider how you apply your SPF, you should use around 5ml of cream for face, neck and chest. 5ml per arm and 5 to 10ml per leg, 5 to 7.5ml for back and belly, on average and reply every 1.5 hrs.

Don't forget sun cream goes out of date. when bottle is not open check the expiry date, when open use within 6 months (check packaging as it may very)

If you would like more information on SPF that's within the products in my salon please get in touch.

Stay safe (no tan is a safe tan)

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