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Luxury Spa Facial Diploma

Updated: May 2, 2023

Skin Therapy Academy

Luxury Spa Facial

This week I am on talking about facial courses. Which is one of my favorite courses to teach. The only problem is I could talk about skin all day every day 🤩

We have created this course to last two days to try and cover as much as possible, but skin is something I still learn about every day and I have been on this journey for over 20 years.

When I started on my journey I completed a level 2 in facial therapy this did not include much teaching about the skin itself it only covered the techniques I needed to carry out the services. I then went to do my level three which went a little more into detail, but I was left wanting to know more.

I was very lucky to work with some of the most amazing professional skincare brands, within doing this every company taught me more and more about the skin.

During covid, most professional brands moved their training online, which meant I could sit for days doing these courses over and over again. I found this so beneficial, most companies have decided to keep theory online which is amazing but as shared in my previous blog I am dyslexic and I am concerned that people similar to myself may not learn as easily online as they do on a hands-on course.

But I am here to help if it’s our luxury spa diploma or some hands-on therapy practice you need to learn more about the different skin types and conditions.

Our diploma covers a full range, from skin knowledge to help you understand more in-depth knowledge about your work. To the full luxury facial treatment.

This will include product knowledge on what to use what skin conditions, and how to use steam and carry out extractions.

The treatment massage is one of the hardest things to remember and we have a video of the massage producer that you can bring away with you to keep practicing.

I also offer therapist training if you own a salon and your therapist needs some help to improve their skills, I can arrange a visit to test out the therapist's knowledge and provide a training program to enhance their skill set.

I currently work with three skincare brands. Skinician, Environ, and Eve Taylor, these three brands have very different ingredients and I use them all for different reasons which I will explain on a different blog, so keep following to see next week's blog 💕

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