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What is microbiome?

Microbiome seems to be a buzz word at the minute, I am hearing it in lots of different contents. So I decided to do a little research.

From what I can gather microbiome is found inhuman tissue and biofluids, it is a collection of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Lots of reasons can make your microbiome unbalanced for example stress, diet and medications can all cause this to become unbalanced.

The main reason I have started to look at this is for skin health. Your skin has it's own microbiome which would be different to me or even your twin. The unbalance of your microbiome is believed to one of the largest causes of skin problems.

We are all living through a difficult time at the minute, but everyone has different stresses. This may be work, money, health, family or for me the joys of homeschooling 😊

I find my food choices are very different at home to what they are when at work.

The chance in our microbiome in our gut and the change in the microbiome on our skin is causing the skin problems I am being asked about every day. We need to balance our microbiome inside and outside to help improve these skin issues.

I offer online consultation if you would like any help or advice on your skin

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