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Skin Masks

Do you regularly use a skin mask (I am calling them skin masks as face masks have a whole new meaning from 2020)

I personally love a skin mask, I have a mask for every skin occasion.

This is a must if you are wanting to change anything going on within the skin.

The most common reason clients tell me they don't use masks is they don't have time.

if you have time to read this blog you have time to pop the mask on while you read the blog, I put masks on when cleaning, doing the ironing, doing my paperwork, or just sitting watching TV. I would love to tell you I lie down with my face masks and cucumbers on my eyes, but that does not happen.

Let's get real and start with a mask and see the improvements instantly

and over the next month.

If you follow me on social media tag me with what you are doing with your skin mask on.

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