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The start of your skin health journey


Acne is a huge subject that needs to be broken down into sections. I am starting with the basics of what I need to know before I can start to treat you with a 360-degree approach.

First things first a full in-depth consultation, we need to know everything

Where does your skin live?

Do you work in front of a computer? Do you work inside or out? Are you in heated offices or air-conditioned? Do you live and work in the city or rural? How do you travel to work? Do you exercise and if so, what do you do? Do you sunbathe, in natural sun or on sunbeds?

What do you put into your body?

Vitamins, medication, healthy food, dairy, fatty or no fat at all, sugars, how much water, alcohol, caffeine, and fizz drinks.

What do you use on your skin?

How do you wash it and how often, once clean what do you do? Do you wear a tan? Do you wear make-up if so what type? I do like you to bring in the products you’re currently using this helps me build the picture. I don’t believe in waste unless what you are using could be causing the Acne.

Also, age, life stress, and sleep are important, with all these questions we can build up a picture to help find what is causing your acne. And know the best way to proceed. There are many acne triggers, and we need the answer to many questions.

After we go through all of that then we need to look at your skin and see what type of Acne you have and in which areas it’s in.

If you are struggling with Acne, then get in touch and I will do my best to help on your skin health journey.

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