• Joanne Thompson

Covid 19 lockdown

Its been that many days I have lost count.

How are you all getting on????

I have had many ups and downs. Saturday was my worst, I was brought up in Belfast city and have travelled to many places by myself but I have never felt as scared as I did on Saturday. I was heading to the shops to get my weekly food, I don't know if its the fear of infecting or being infected. I am also finding it hard to shop for a full week as we are not that type of family, we live by the seat of our pants, lol.

Today I listened to some business advice, from Liz McKeon, who is an amazing beauty business guru. If you are a business owner or thinking of starting out please check her out. I feel really motivated and have a to do list which will keep me going for at least 6 weeks lol.

I made a video for spring make up and haven't been able to up load it, but I will try and put it on the blog. please let me know if you would like to see any how to video's.

Tomorrow I am starting with a plan and some goals for the day. Stay safe and stay home xx

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