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Nail Competition Decision

I have been doing salon nails for a long time and I have also been teaching nails for a long time. Over the years I have attended many trade show and worked at many of them as well. For the last two to three years I have started following many amazing techs and I have looked on in envy.

Last year 2018 had I had many stresses in my life which I struggled with and heading to the end of 2018 I took the decision to push myself. I decided 2019 to be the year of stepping out of my comfort zone.

One of the ways I have decided to do this was ,to enter nail competitions, scary. I am the least competitive person I know, but I reckon this will take my skill to a whole new level.

I started to check out lots of techs that have won competitions and run Nail competition courses. I contacted I few and I decided to head to Norfolk and go on a course with Hazel Dixon.

I contacted Hazel and she was very helpful, so I booked a course for the 20th January 2019. As I am not very technical I did need to contact her a few times. But she was very helpful and responsive.

As I am based in Northern Ireland, I booked flights with the lovely Ryanair to Stansted, booked a car with euro car and booked the premier inn (best of the cheapest hotels)

Day one

Alarm goes off at 4am

I arrive at Belfast international airport 1hr before flight and no que at security, but it still only gives me 6 minutes to get to Starbucks for breakfast

*** Note*** if traveling with Ryanair you can only bring a very very small bag with no wheels or you must pay more.

Belfast International airport

arrive at Stansted -4 *** Not to self*** Bring hat and gloves when traveling

Pick up car, I am so excited to say it was a Fiat 500 this is the coolest car ever, I want a mint green one with Skinn Therapy logo. ***Note to Self*** mark on sat nav where to come back to.

My fiat 500

Hazels place is only 1hr away on Sunday morning traffic.

Arrive at Hazel Dixon Nail Academy, WOW WOW WOW, what a place it is beautiful, spacious and a Nail wholesale Shop fully stocked, now I wish I had of given Ryanair more to bring a bag. But never mind I can order them and get them posted.

Training room is well set up and spacious.

Hazel was taking the course herself, what an amazing lady, very kind, relaxed and professional. Hazel has a real passion for the nail industry. it was great to listen to her hints and tips for entering the competitions.

We went through all the rules and completed two of the nails. watching Hazel work was such an inspiration. There was another lady on the course Kayleigh, another amazing tech. I have a lot of work to do to get to there standards. After a great day I head of to the premier inn only five minutes away. Hotel was nice, great staff, clean room and good food.

Day two

Head back to the venue and straight into doing the next three nail shapes and lots more advice. This was an excellent course, I feel Like I now know what I need to do to enter these competitions . Hazel runs a very professional, family business. Very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. I would highly recommend everyone to go and do a course here.

I headed back to the airport, was able to write up some notes and was home for 11pm.

This was a very busy two days but well worth it. I will keep you all updated on my practice and competition entries.


Training room

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