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Nail Competition

Well I done it!!

I decided last year I would enter a nail competition this year, I made excuses all year to why I couldn't go. The last one of the year was in Dublin yesterday and I went. Woho!! I have been extremely nevus all year about attending one.

if you are considering entering a competition I would highly recommend it, I didn't get placed but I learnt so much.

The year started of with me traveling over to complete a nail competition course, this was great and it was lovely to meet other nail techs. Then I flipped back and forward to what I wanted to enter and where.

The pressure was really taken off when I decided to go for Dublin. It meant I could drive, I could pack everything into my car, because you need a lot of stuff.

My recommendations for your first competition

*pick a place you know, you how to get there, how long it will take you, where you will park.

*pick a good model, not only do you need to think about there nails, but how you get on. there is a lot of waiting around over the course of a competition. Someone relaxed I think is a great way to keep you calm. Make sure they know the rules as I seen so many models breaking rules.

*pick your products, its better the devil you know.

*enter what you feel comfortable with, no point you going away thinking, never again.

*no mater how good or bad you have done, get your score sheet, its the only way you will learn.

This was a great experience and I think I will do it again. Watch this space!

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