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The biggest buzzword at the minute seems to be "MENOPAUSE!"

Whether it is a program on the television, an article online, or a chat between women of like ages as myself lol!

It is the most asked question by my clients in my salon.

The main concerns seem to be dry skin, itchy skin, hair where they don't want it, and Rosacea on the face to name just a few.

So ...WHAT IS THIS NEW BUZZWORD all about ??

It is when periods begin to stop usually around the age of 40 to 50 but every woman is different. The hormones Oestrogen and Progesterone that our ovaries produce from a teenager begin to slow down and cease altogether!

RESULTS! All the above symptoms 😫

So as we are producing less Oestrogen this has a big effect on our skin. The cell turnover slows down and the Collagen and Elastin which gives us a lovely plumped bounce in our skin when we are younger decreases and we get the dreaded wrinkles, bags under our eyes, and double chin ...

Moisture lacks too, another buzzword at the minute is "Hyaluronic Acid ."

This is naturally made within our skin cells to give moisture and hydration!

Not nice to age I say !!

But there is lots of help out there to help us age gracefully.

Keep posted on our next series of blogs on skincare advice, nutrition, and exercise to help us on our journey...

Lesley Anne ❤️

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