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I can’t believe we are at the start of October already; it has been pretty mild, but I can feel the temperature drop and the heating is on a lot more.

I am concerned this year about everyone’s immunity as we have spent two winters locked away or at least masked up, so I am concerned about our natural immunity to simple bugs has been lost. So how do we protect ourselves???

Here at Skinn therapy, I have worked with Advanced Nutrition Programme for many years my focus has been on the skin and the skin supplements, these supplements will help the skin but let’s look at what you need to help your overall wellbeing.

Vitamin C is a well know immunity Vitamin, Vitamin C helps protect the cells, and research has shown it shortens illness. A lack of Vitamin

C can make us more prone to illness. I sell two strengths of Vitamin C to help protect.

Skin Vit A + is a quality ingredient to help the body when you are under stress the supplement always has Vitamin D which is a very important part of supporting your immune and as we live in the UK it’s very important to get enough of this throughout the winter.

Your immune system resides within the gut. (If you follow me on social I am always going on about the gut) Because so much research is currently being carried out by the Gut at the minute it’s a buzzword, but it is very important to look after your microbiome of the Gut, surprise I have a few different options to help you do this, so please reach out to me to see what suits your needs best.

Listen out for my podcast on immunity and gut.

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