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Good nutrition is essential during menopause.

So we are going to look at why good nutrition is so essential throughout the


So as we discussed before we are lacking in Oestrogen and Progesterone therefore a lot of changes in our body will occur!

Weight gain is so hard to keep the pounds off as we are losing muscle and gaining fat mass ...

and where does it usually happen !!!

Yes, the belly area !!!

So exercise and good eating habits are so important and will help mental health too

Eat Well

Lots of greens vegetables as it increases


Soy - soybeans are high in

Phytoestrogens act like Oestrogen. Good fats - nuts, seeds, avocado, oily fish Calcium & Vitamin B6!


This is so important and gets the endorphins going the "feel good


Whether it is a good walk, going to the gym, swimming just doing anything that

physically gets you moving.

Exercise will lift your mood, and help with hot flushes, joint mobility, weight management, and anxiety!

As we are lacking in levels of Oestrogen this can cause Osteoporosis after menopause has occurred so it is so important to try and keep bones strong to help prevent this!

I find exercise using weights has helped me on my journey and it builds up strength in muscles making you feel so energized after a class and ready to take on the world!

Cold water swimming has become so popular too and so many ladies belong to groups all across the country...

I hope you all get some tips from this.

Lesley Anne

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