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A little bit about me

Joanne Thompson

I have decided to try and write and video more often as my consistency with this has been very poor.

Writing a blog I have found very difficult as I have dyslexia, I hid this for many years as I was made to feel embarrassed as a child at school.

When I started teaching I realised how many other people struggled with reading, writing, spelling and Maths. (Maths for me was my strong point)

This made me stand up an tell everyone that I was dyslexic, to help people feel more comfortable and come forward so that I could help them.

At Skinn Therapy Academy we try to help everyone and will change our methods of teaching to improve the learning experience.

But from here on in I am not going to let it stop me, I am sure you will all come across many spelling mistakes and punctuation problems, but I am not letting this stop me as I believe I can help many people, and I will be getting the information out to you in the best way I can.

Without sounding rude if you don’t like my mistakes then don’t read them 😂😂😂😂

If there is a topic you would like me to touch on, then let me know.

Thank you


PS hit the ❤️ button and comment below if you have enjoyed your read this week 💕

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