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Luxury Facial Therapy Diploma

What an excellent way to get yourself started in the skincare industry. This is one of the first steps to becoming a beauty therapist. This course covers indepth skincare knowledge, and all the steps to provide your clients with the most relaxing and skin-improving treatment.


Course Content

Luxury facial therapy course. This training will include

  • Understand health and safety to carry out a skincare treatment
  • Carry out a full consultation
  • Be able to recognize and understand the contraindication to a skincare treatment
  • Set up the treatment area and how to position the client
  • Carry out skin analysis
  • Understand and recognize skin types
  • Carry out full facial treatment including skin heat treatments
  • Provide full aftercare and homecare advice


Course Duration

2 day course  -  require 2 models


2 weeks after course you return with one model to complete exam this will take around 2 hours 


Entry Requirements



Course cost £280

Deposit £95 the remainder £185 due two weeks before training date



Luxury Facial Therapy Diploma



The course is accredited by ABT


Course Dates


Luxury Facial Therapy Diploma

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