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Gel Nail Extension Diploma

Are you looking to become a nail technician or to advance your skills? This is an excellent course to learn all you need to know about to get you started. Gel is an easier system to earn. It is a strong structure similar to acrylic both systems are applied very differently and both need their training. Even though gel is an easier system to learn it is a more expensive start-up cost as you are required a UV/LED lamp.  


Course Content

Gel course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to complete a safe nail enhancement service. This training will include

  • health and safety required to carry out nail services
  • the science and A & P of the nail
  • the science behind gel system
  • Carry out full safe treatment
  • Provide homecare and aftercare advice
  • how to safely remove and infill product
  • How to sculpt a fake nail
  • How to apply white and pink gel


Course Duration

3-day course – day 1 and 2 will be completed together then you will have two weeks to complete 6 case studies and return for 3 day  - each day you will require 1 model


Entry Requirements



Course cost £350

Deposit £95 the remainder £255 due two weeks before training date



Gel Nail Extension Diploma



The course is accredited by ABT


Course Dates





Gel Nail Extension Diploma

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