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Environ Concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Toner 



This toner contains a high concentration of Glycolic Acid. It may assist in promoting the natural acid mantle of the skin and in encouraging exfoliation in the gentlest way possible to help refine the texture of the skin, resulting in skin that feels smoother and looking radiantly healthy.


How to use 

1. Pre-cleanse and cleanse your skin with your preferred Environ products.                

2. Apply it with a cotton-wool swab to your face, neck, and décolleté in the morning and evening.                                      

3. If you feel a tingling sensation, pre-dampen cotton wool with water to slightly dilute the toner before application.

4. Allow it to dry, and continue with your recommended Environ vitamin A moisturizer.



Specially formulated to work in synergy with the Environ vitamin A moisturizers.
A mild exfoliating action helps to refine the appearance of your skin texture.
Smooths the look of your skin and assists in improving the appearance of uneven skin tone.


Key Ingredient 

Glycolic Acid pH 3.5


Due to the active nature of the ingredients in certainEnviorn products (including non-active ingredients which become active when combined with others), a consultation is required to establish the correct products for your skin. 

Environ Concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Toner

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